We wanted to bring something special to Fruit Cove, something that could take root and grow in the very unique area we all call home. Craft coffee was happening big all over the country, but not in Fruit Cove. So we talked about it, drank coffee, talked some more and traveled all over the country getting inspiration.  

After 18 months, these twisted locals signed up to help build our dream and share our passion for the worlds best coffee, BOLD with a little TWIST. Why Twisted Compass? Our name is indicative of our location. We are located in Northwest Saint Johns County. And since the compass arrow does not always point due north, the path to good coffee in Fruit Cove is  TWISTED

We pride ourselves on community and providing specialty craft coffee. 

We work with locally owned Bold Bean Coffee Roasters and Knead Bakeshop to source the freshest, highest quality offerings. 


Our Philosophy

We focus on quality and craftsmanship that goes into brewing each cup of coffee.  We have invested in a long term partnership with the best “local” roaster in the northeast Florida area, Bold Bean. Their success at sourcing the best beans and perfecting the roasting process is unmatched.  We are excited to share them with you.


More than Drinks

Although we offer a wide variety of hot and iced drinks, we also provide savory and sweet food options delivered fresh daily from Knead Bakeshop. Knead is a locally owned, family bakery that specializes in classic pastries, cookies and more! Whether you're stopping for your morning coffee, lunch or an afternoon snack, we've got you covered!